Our main purpose is to collect handmade scarves and distribute them to our heroes currently serving in harm's way in locations away from family. We believe that the simple act of giving a handmade gift filled with love and pride is a boost that every military member deserves. With everything going on today it is easy for them to feel forgotten. We want to let them know that there are people thinking of them each day.
Our founder, Mary Sue Ottinger started this project in 2006. She made and collected crochet snowballs and sent them to troops serving in and around Iraq. Each year after that the project has collected crochet and knit scarves and distributed them to military members. The last three years the scarves have been sent with love to Afghanistan. In 2011 almost 800 scarves were delivered to our soldiers, from the warm hearts across the US.Our director, Jerald Custance, has served in the Air Force, buried over 2,400 military members in Arlington National Cemetery in the past and continues to support our military members serving in harm's way.  He and his family are currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Jerald knows what it is like to be away from home and family for long periods at a time being stationed in the past in foreign lands. He has directly supported our mission to deliver scarves to our military heroes in far locations for the past three years.Please help this project grow by making a few scarves, ask your friends to make scarves, and spread the work. Post a link to this site on your club site, or pass on to friends or family, collect the scarves and send them over to us!
Thank you for your support!

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We are able to distribute scarves and other items made from acrylic yarns. We do need to know what material the items are made from. Acrylics will be used for hospilized or other state side Hereos.

1. All scarves are not only going to military members serving in harms way, or active duty members. We have been blessed with so many scarves that we have sent them also out to military veterans, weather it be in VA homes or even homeless shelters.  Our number one goal is all military members, active duty or prior veterans.

2. New requests, many members serving in "deployed areas" have requested some new items to be knitted. Not only do we ask for scarves, but we ask for creativity. Scarves are great, yet some ask for the pull over scarves that you can fit right over your head that fit around the neck without wrapping. Also some have just asked for arm sleeves or leg sleeves. I can tell you I wish I had some Cotton sleeves that I could just pull over when I was in Korea.

3. How about some Christmas stockings this year?  I think that would be awesome if I can get as many stockings as I can get to deployed members before Dec 5th. If they want to stock them with nice items that is ok, I will take care of them.  I think that would be a new touch.

4. I would like to make sure everyone knows to please add your email address when you send packages, I know some are scared but please this is the only way I can respond to thousands of scarves arriving. Hannah and I are very determined to support, and send thank you messages to all that send. It is just hard when I get so many and email is so much easier. SO please can you put on the site to ask them to add an email address. I promise no spam! :)
Jerald Custance
November 12, 2014 Update
Thank you for Remembering !!